The Unconventional Aperitivo

L’Ambrogio creates and produces high quality, alcohol-free and made in Italy beverages, icons of a new way of experiencing non-alcoholic drinking.

Our purpose is to offer an authentic non-alcoholic experience that combines elegance, taste and Milanese lifestyle, reiventing the moment of the aperitivo: the same ritual but without alcohol.


First of its kind

Ambroeus is the first of our non-alcoholic spirits and fully embodies our values: innovation, high quality, authentic taste and Milanese style.

A perfect combination of a bitter soul and an aromatic one, evoking the great Italian tradition of Vermouth,
all for a unique and engaging experience.


Milano Fashion Week

- 2,5 cl Ambroeus

- 2,5 cl Seedlips

- 2,5 cl Cranberry juice

- 1,5 cl Lime juice

Decorate with a lime slice


Duomo Fizz

- 2,5 cl Ambroeus

- 5 cl Red orange juice

- Sparkling water

Decorate with an orange slice


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Spritz

- 5 cl Ambroeus
- Fever-tree
- Red orange juice

Decorate with an orange slice


Lo Sbagliatissimo​

- 9 cl Ambroeus
- 12 cl Perrier

Decorate with an orange slice

About us

Italians’ greatest art is knowing how to invent and reinvent themselves, while keeping their roots, their style and that unmistakable touch appreciated all over the world. With Ambroeus we have done just that, reinventing the aperitivo.

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