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L’Ambrogio originated from the passion for beauty and savoir-faire of Davide, Cesare, Roberto and Fabio. Four professionals who chose Milan as their home, united by a vision: to reinvent the aperitivo experience with a non-alcoholic twist featuring the highest quality products that combine taste, style and the magical atmosphere of the Italian lifestyle.

The story begins in 2021 with the crazy and desperate study in search of a perfect equilibrium. As a result, it came to Piedmont, the birthplace of Vermouth, finding trusted craftspeople to create a one-of-a-kind product for us.

Ambroeus stems from this encounter, our first product, in a limited edition, which embodies everything that represents us: innovation, craftsmanship, sustainability and above all a unique taste for a new drinking experience in a non-alcoholic way.

A matter of Milanese Style

Milan has always been a city of sophisticated sensibilities, where the richness of its history provides a backdrop for its modernity of urban development and timeless style intersects with innovation.

The worlds of finance, art, fashion and design have long called this city home, thriving in an atmosphere that respects tradition and encourages experimentation.

This is a city of quality craftsmanship and exacting standards.

All of these values are the engines that inspire our vision, to reinvent the aperitivo moment: the same Italian roots without alcohol.

We dedicated our brand to Ambrogio, the city’s symbolic name for its patron saint. And then Ambroeus, a dialect version of Ambrogio, for our first product.

A new awareness: moderation and well-being

Our products are aimed at all those who want to avoid the effects of alcohol and enjoy moments of togetherness by savoring high quality products with a rich, distinctive taste.

At the heart of what we do is the knowledge that only by choosing the best raw materials, respecting the environment, and promoting craftsmanship and sustainability can we offer our customers a distinguished and fulfilling experience.

Drinking L’Ambrogio products means choosing beverages that are low in sugar, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

L'Ambrogio Team

Davide Rodi Foravalle

Co-Founder & R&D Director 

Cesare Marco Ponzo 

Co-Founder & CEO

Giuseppe Roberto Marseglia

Co-Founder & CTO

Fabio Gaeta


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